Voyage in Destiny – part two

The diary of the development of my “public” story

Text by Francesco Alessandrini – Udine – 2009

Each of us has a destiny.
Typically it is unknown to us, but if we are able to listen and interpret what happens to us, sometimes we can catch signs of it trying to align us to it.
This book is part of my destiny, basically, a destiny of knowledge.
For nearly two years Ascended Masters of Light have been sending me information, that I regularly transcribe, first of all with the objective of bringing myself, and then those around me, a new and at the same time ancient knowledge.

This second book, which intersects temporally with a first more public content, recounts the early history and development of a “public” story and with it, wants to indicate that the contents have to do not only with me and people close to me, but also with the destiny of all humans on earth. In this, a path of gradually becoming aware of a knowledge is developed; a path that has to do with humans, without being human itself.

The book begins with the invitation of the Masters to study the “circle”; an instrument of fundamental knowledge which must be rediscovered in all its grandeur and importance. The description of a complex and fragmented path to knowledge follows my acceptance of this invitation: a real educational process, which was laid before me, primarily to allow sensitivity and unknown realizations to mature within me

In this book, I speak of many aspects of life, like the necessity of fighting human ignorance, the necessity of rediscovering spiritual knowledge, the analysis and study of signs in ancient archeological finds or modern crop circles. I speak of extra-terrestrials and strange plasma spheres which can sometimes be seen in the sky, of ancient Britain and ancient Egypt, of Mexico and South America; of stars and Omphalos, of Dolmen and Cromlech, of shamen and the dimensional transition 2012; of my work and my relationship to my wife.

A kaleidoscopic of often interrupted and resumed issues, which in the form of a diary, reflect the non-linear educational path I traveled.
My question is always followed by the answer of the Masters, whose complexity often requires my subsequent explanation, referred to as “Response Management”. The explanation of the response was primarily my own need and allowed my mind to clarify and to appreciate the grandeur of the lessons that were gradually given to me.
The core of this educational process is the concrete understanding of Creation; an area meant by the Creator to be a school of understanding: “God has given us time to understand him and love in order to rediscover him.”