Sacred Sex

Text by Roberta Rio – Villach – 2015

Sexual energy is the primary experience of the human body. It is an energy which can be active on both a physical and a spiritual level. Indeed, it underpins the conservation of the species (physical level) and at the same time accelerates, if used in a certain way, individual evolution by connecting the physical and the spiritual dimensions of our bodies.
In ancient times the knowledge that sex was something sacred was widespread, especially in the priesthood and initiation.
This book aims to present a historical overview on the role of sex in ancient times and is part of a process which naturally goes hand in hand with the revaluation of the body and matter.
Sacred Sex fills a preliminary role in the process which we can define as a path of theoretical and historical knowledge.
The ancient knowledge must however be adapted and tailored to the needs of our time.
The integration of them in our lives requires intense work personally and in the partnership to lift and eliminate patterns, prejudices, false beliefs and habits, which have discredited the body and sex during the last period of our history – the last few thousand years.
The book by Eion and Belladyr , “Growing Through the Body” will accompany you in this second more practical phase.