Roberta Rio

Who is Roberta Rio?

Roberta Rio is an Austrian historian and dancer of Italian origin. She is a member of the German Federation of Historians. Co-founder and CEO of the Lighthome Institute.
As a historian she proposes a radical renewal of the historical method to keep pace with the times and the present evolutionary phase of the human race. It is that which she calls the Historical Method of the Third Millennium. With this in view she has elaborated, among other things, a new way of historical inquiry called “historical-intuitive method”, presented at the University of Glasgow in 2011, in which the use of objective traditional historical method is combined with intuition gained in a state of superconsciousness. With this an interpretation of artefacts and events is accomplished, which is out of reach using classical historical methods.
She carries out comparative and interdisciplinary studies, combining science and art, history and dance, theoretical research and practical application, which have allowed her to reach a new level of experiential knowledge, full of rich discoveries and revaluations.
As a dancer she has developed Sacred Dance by Roberta Rio®, a method through which the body becomes a symbol in movement able to connect with the “weave” of Creation.
She holds seminars and conferences at various universities (Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz, Innsbruck, Glasgow, Athens, Oldenburg, Milan, Bologna etc.) and European institutes.
She is the author of numerous articles and books in Italian, German, English and also one in Greek.





Roberta Rio’s Books


Book “The Path of the Body”, Bautz Verlag


Book, “Sacred Sex“, Edizioni Mediterranee

Book, “Ars Erotica or Scientia Sexualis

Book, “Ancient Celtic Symbols in new Forms and newly Discovered Meanings

Book “Physicality and Intercultural Communication. A new Definition of Body Language“,

Article “Handbook on Cross Cultural Communication


Book “The Mysterious Ritual Enclosed in the Phaistos Disc and the Kernos Stone“, AuthorHouse, London / GB

Book “Das geheimnisvolle Ritual bewahrt im Diskus von Phaestos und dem Kernos von Malia“, AuthorHouse, London / GB

Book “Il Rito Misterioso racchiuso nel Disco di Festo e nella Pietra di Kernos“, AuthorHouse, London / GB



Book “New Light on Phaistos Disc“, AuthorHouse, London / GB


Book “Don Chisciotte era una donna”, English title: “Don Quixote was a Woman”, Senaus, Udine / I

Article “Micro-macro cosmo. Al di là degli opposti”, English title: “Micro and Macro cosmos: Beyond the Opposites “, magazine Mitteleuropa, Udine / I


Book “Il risveglio del femminile. Per una nuova visione”, English title: “The Awakening of Femininity”, KappaVu, Udine / I


Book “La prostituzione sacra”, English title: “The Sacred Prostitution”, Multiversum, Merano / I

Roberta Rio’s Lectures


Sigtuna, Schweden, SSE EUROPE 2016 – Society for Scientific Exploration, LIFE and MIND – Scientific Challenges, okt 13-15, 2016
The process of thought forming and the mechanic of intuition


Flamenco“, Bibliothek Schlandersburg/ I

Cross Cultural Communication“, Aster – Bologna / I


New Light on Phaistos Disc. The rediscovery of an ancient ritual“, 16th World Symposium of Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA), Florence / I


The Use of the “Historical-Intuitive” Method in the Decipherment of the Phaistos Disc”, 4th Annual Scottish Theoretical Archaeology Group (STAG) Conference, University of Glasgow / GB”

New Light on Phaistos Disc“, 9th Annual International Conference on History: From Ancient to Modern (ATINER), Athens / GR

“Successful Communication – How our Language Influences our Success” (Moderation), Klagenfurt / A


“Develop Visions and Shape the Future”, Wolfsberg / A


“To be a Man, to be a Woman: Embrace the Diversity”, Cavalese / I

“Harmonization Processes Work-Family”, Verona / I

“Building Bridges between the Masculine and the Feminine, both Within us and Without”, Bolzano / I

“The Sacred Dancers. The Body as a Cultural Means of Communication”, Bolzano / I


“Sacred Symbols in Fairytales”, Graphics Institute, Trento / I

“The Enchanted Forest or the Journey into the Forest of Symbolism along the Path of Transformation”, Museum of Ronzone / I

“Masculine and Feminine Cooperation: an Antique Challenge for a new Era”, Udine / I

“To be a Man, to be a Woman: Embrace the Diversity”, Convention “The Orient meets the Occident for a new Culture of Peace” Assisi / I

“Mother Earth. Rituals and Myths from the Vast Mystery of Life”, Dro / I


“Serigraphy from Middle Europe”, Merano / I


“The Embodied Devil, Femininity, Motherhood and Adultery during the Middle Ages” as well as “In the Bag of the Pilgrim. Paths to Trust and the Cultural Comparison”, Valvasone / I

Roberta Rio’s Seminars

University of Linz / A

“Spatial Turn” in Cultural Studies

University of Oldenburg / D, “Digital & Limitless

“The Body as a Resource in the International Context:”POSITIO”ning or activation of the individual posture”

“How Can I Move on Unfamiliar Terrain?”

“CON-TATTO” / Contact. Move Oneself with Tact and Dexterity in the International Context”

University of Klagenfurt

International Cultural Exchange. Different ways of working in different cultures

Midwifery Center “Eviana”, Bolzano / I

Women’s Health Center, Villach / A

Dance for Pregnant Women

Regional Centre for Training in General Medicine, Friuli / I

Master course in Sexology with the Assigning of ECM Points

“Tantra. Techniques to Rebalance the Body Proprioception, and Energy Conversion”