New Light on Phaistos Disc

The rediscovery of an ancient ritual

Text by Roberta Rio – Villach – 2011

A clay disk that looks perhaps like a child’s game has remained an enigma for archaeologists, historians and scholars worldwide. And for the throngs of tourists who visit Crete, it has always been fascinating for the mystery it contains. New Light on Phaistos Disc by Roberta Rio is a new interpretation which opens horizons never before imagined; it presents the rediscovery of an ancient ritual.

The utilized methodology in this volume presents a new way of investigating artefacts that are mysterious due to their age; direct evidence isn’t possible and interpretation is difficult.

The ancient’s access to ideas was much different from than that of modern times. The difficulty of understanding lays both in the code of communication, which is no longer understood, and in the contents themselves, since neither of the two falls within our present wealth of knowledge. The result with the classic historical-archaeological method can only be “un-understanding.”

This book presents one possible solution.

If the reader is willing to mix Sacred and Profane, Rational and Intuitive, Science and Art, he can reach the result of this book: “The unveiling of a meaning that would otherwise remain mysterious to the mind of modern man.”