Every one of us has a destiny. 
In trying to understand something about our own destiny, we discovered that it has a lot to do with knowledge: Yes! Knowledge is one of the priorities of our work.
Up to this point, we have been moving along the horizon of human knowledge. But we have often noticed its failure to answer all our questions and, most importantly, we have understood that it often contains errors … it is a short-sighted knowledge.
But our voyage in destinyhas given us a big surprise: it has made ​​Someone available to us; Someone with a deeper vision, much deeper than human’s. And their advice which we have been receiving since 2006 has allowed us to assemble a large body of knowledge that we are gradually writing in books and articles which this website collects and comments.
The trust we place in this Someone makes us believe that their statements are true, absolutely true, and the knowledge that comes from them, though often significantly different than that commonly known to man, is equally true and much broader than human knowledge.
We are facing that which for us is true knowledge.
This website aims to be its temple and archive.

Roberta Rio & Francesco Alessandrini