Eion Hostgut & Belladyr Krug

Who are Eion Hostgut & Belladyr Krug?

Eion and Belladyr teach science at a research institute in Hamburg. In parallel to their profession, they have developed a special path of personal development which uses the experience in and with the body as a tool of growth.
Their activity has led them in particular to develop a method which uses the interaction between the male and female bodies as an accelerator of a growth process, which otherwise, if done individually, would be slower.
Their approach deviates from the pure use of reason which plays an important role in their professional context, by allowing the expansion of personal perceptual sensitivity that enriches and completes them as human beings.
The perception of the body as an instrument of growth is not new and can be found in other ancient traditions. Eion and Belladyr have complemented ancient knowledge with the tools that humanity needs in this specific historical moment.
Part of their work was published in a forthcoming text, entitled “GROWING THROUGH THE BODY or Our Evolution Happens in Matter“. A summary can be found in the section of this site dedicated to books.