Sigtuna, Sweden, SSE EUROPE 2016 – Society for Scientific Exploration, LIFE and MIND – Scientific Challenges, , Oct.13-15, 2016
Francesco Alessandrini, Irene Menis, Roberta Rio, The process of thought forming and the mechanic of intuition view paper.


Florence, The Sixteenth World Symposium of Mediterranean Archaeology, March 1-3,
Roberta Rio, New Light on Phaistos Disc. The rediscovery of an ancient ritual… view paper.


University of Glasgow. The Fourth Annual Scottish Theoretical Archaeology Group (STAG) Conference. October 22, 2011
Robert Rio, The Use of the Historical-Intuitive Method in the Decipherment of the Phaistos Disc… view paper.

Athens, 9th Annual International Conference on History. August 1-4, 2011
Roberta Rio, New Light on Phaistos Disc… view paper.